The Lash Tribe

About Tyson

I am native to the NW.  I grew up in Lacey, WA where I started my journey with Jesus at a young age.  The thing that sticks out in my mind about those early years is Sunday School and all the great camp experiences I had.  Since I loved family, everything that involved a ball, and helping others, I envisioned a future as a dad, teacher, and coach.  The idea of being a pastor had never crossed my mind before the age of 21.  After marrying one of the best things to come my way, Amy, the direction of our lives took a shift.  Five months into our marriage we found ourselves wrestling with the idea of becoming youth pastors and responding to His call on our lives.  In March of 1995, I became Youth Pastor at our church in Centralia.  This adventure would carry on for 12 great years.  I had the best job ever.  I was working with youth, coaching, and had 6 amazing kids at the time of our resignation in May of 2007.  That July we landed in Gig Harbor, excited to take on a new challenge: our first lead role in a turn-around-church.  

Here we are.  We have added another kid - that's right 7 in all.  We love Gig Harbor and our first lead role.  The church is much different than it was 10 years ago.  Along with our 7 children, we are very excited about living missionally to lead others closer to Jesus.  

I love sports, muscle cars, the beach, working on our house, a good Netflix series, a good book, and vacation with our family.  

About Amy

Besides spending time with my 7 amazing kids, I enjoy a good story, walking, and podcasts.  I love working alongside my husband and being a part of a growing community.  Children's Ministry is a passion of mine because I want our kids to know that Jesus loves them and our church loves them.  They deserve to have a great church experience.