The prevailing attitude, expression, and atmosphere of our church is defined by its culture.
These core values are important to us, our direction, and the expression of ministry
you will find at Harbor Life.

We love being Jesus focused. 
We recognize that life is better when Jesus is the focus.

Flexibility is rare, so we will be that. 
We will hold an open hand toward non-essentials.

Our world is broken & needs compassion, so we will give it. 
We will meet others with compassion both locally and globally with energy and resources as we navigate through the tension of our limitations and the bigness of God.

We are a mosiac, flawed people telling the story of Jesus. 
Authentic and flawed people make great story tellers. When our story is told from a place of weakness and not strength, it serves to break down barriers that keep others from hearing the story of Jesus and it serves to make the cross more appealing to others

Meaningful connections matter, but they don’t happen on accident. 
God never intended for us to do life alone. It is good to both know and to be known. Therefore, we will take relational risks and live with intention to connect with others in meaningful ways.

Ministry is better when done as a team.
What we want to do and where we want to go is bigger than any one person.