Find a place to serve at Harbor Life

Life Youth

We are hoping to add several more adult leaders to our youth leadership team by Fall 2022. Volunteers will build mentor relationships with students as well as having a lots of fun while developing their own leadership skills!

Worship Team

Calling all musicians! If you like to sing or play an instrument, this is a great way to serve the church and worship God! 

Life Kids

Kids Ministry - Are you interested in hanging out with kids on Sunday morning and teaching them God's Word? If so, this is the spot for you!

Coffee Ministry

Everyone loves coffee. What better way is there to prepare the people of God to worship him than to pump them full of caffeine? Are you interested in serving coffee before our Sunday morning gatherings?

First Impressions

When people walk into our Sunday morning gatherings for the first time will they be welcomed? You can make sure they are welcomed and feel Jesus' love when they show up.

Tech Ministry

We have many technical support needs on Sunday mornings at Harbor Life. Volunteer areas include: livestream video, sound engineering, online host, and slide presentation. We would be happy to train you in any of these areas.


Alpha explores the meaning of life and faith in a relaxed, friendly setting. The Alpha Course meets once a week for 8 weeks and is welcomes the churched, the unchurched, anyone who has had a bad church experience, or anyone who is asking if there is more to life. Volunteers can can help to create an environment that is open to questions and fosters genuine kindness.

Start Serving Now!

We'd love to help you find your fit, let us know where you would like to serve.