Real-Life Stories

Changing Course 

Real life is tough to navigate.  Often our pasts haunt us, and our present overwhelms us.  We are desperate to change our life's course if only we had a compass to point us in the right direction.  Meet eight real people from Gig Harbor with real problems who turned the corner to a better life.  

AS A YOUTH, SCOTT EXPERIENCED AN UNSPEAKABLE TRAUMA that would alter the course of his life.  His underserved shamed weighed heavily on his marriage as his wife, Nicole, tried desperately to save him from himself. Could Nicole steer her marriage in a U-turn, or should she leave her broken husband to preserve her own sanity?  

KATE'S GRANDFATHER MOLESTED her throughout her childhood.  How could Mom let this happen?  The memories haunter her into adulthood.  Bitterness festered, and her health careened downhill.  Kate's fight to live was rivaled by her fight to forgive - could she gain victory over either?  

These real people will encourage you, inspire you and make you believe that authentic life change is actually possible - all it requires is a change of course.  

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Products of Grace

Abandonment. Abuse. Accidental death. Addiction. Anger. Deception. Disappointment. Divorce. Fatal illness. Hatred. Heartbreak. Injustice. Murder. Poverty. Prison. Robbery. Sexual confusion. Temptation to suicide. Violence.  

Sound familiar?  Too close to home?  Too much like reality?  It's all too easy to believe that these are the words used to tell stories of people of today, people who may be your near neighbors in Gig Harbor, Washington - perhaps even your story.  

But where will it end?  Is there any hope, any healing?  Is life an endless round of trouble, with no way out?  

This book contains the stories of seven very real people who have experienced all the above troubles and more - and yet have found the reality of what happens when life and faith connect, a reality that has made them Products of Grace.  

And these same people tell their true life stories in new words, words like these:

Acceptance. Beauty. Faith. Forgiveness. Freedom. Grace. Happiness. Healing. Hope. Love. Miracles. Poetry. Recovery. Release from anger. Solid ground. Successful marriage. Sweet land. Unconditional love. Victory.

Yes! It's a very real change.  Come along and see for yourself! 

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