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Tyson and Amy Lash


I am a NW native.  I grew up in Lacey where I started my journey with Jesus at a young age. Though my church experience growing up was sparadic at best - I had some great camp experiences as a boy.  Since I loved family, everything that involved a ball, and helping others, I envisioned a future as a dad, teacher, and coach.  The idea of ministry had never crossed my mind before the age 21. After marrying one of the best things to ever come my way, Amy, the direction of our lives took a radical change.  Five months into our marriage we found ourselves wrestling with the idea of becoming youth pastors.  In March of 1995 I became youth pastor at our church in Centralia.  This adventure would carry on for 12 great years.  I had the best job ever.  I was working with youth, coaching, and had 6 kids at the time of our resignation.  From there we landed in Gig Harbor pumped to take on a new challenge - a turn-around church.  

So here we are.  We have added another kid - that's right 7 in all.  We love Gig Harbor and our first lead position.  The church is much different than it was 7 years ago.  Along with our seven children, we are very excited about living missionally to lead others closer to Jesus.

Did you both come from big families?

Tyson:  No, I came from a family of 5.

Amy: Nope, a family of 4.  

What's the favorite part of your job? 

Tyson: I love seeing the transformation that takes place in the hearts of those who follow Jesus.    

Amy: Sitting at the bistro tables in the kids area.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  

Amy: What free time?  Did someone say free time?  

Tyson: Playing with the kids, reading, fantasy football, playing anything with a ball, and a good movie,.  Amy says I get on my computer and work on church stuff.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Amy: Hmm...Somewhere tropical with no bugs.  

Tyson: Somewhere with white beaches and warm water.


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We are excited about sharing life and mission together with others. Together we can make our world a better place.