Why does a global perspective matter?  The answer is simple.  THE UNREACHED of the world: the remote, the rejected, the resistant, and the restricted.  The responsibility to reach the people within our reach with the love and story of Jesus is our mission.  The responsibility to reach the people of the world outside of our reach is also our mission.   

How Harbor Life is Reaching Within our Reach

Jesus invited the 12 in Mark 3 to Be and to Go.  This is our idea of a follower of Christ.  To identify with Jesus is to be in Him and to be sent by Him.  In Him we are transformed to see ourselves and our world differently.  This leads us to care for our neighbor, to be a blessing, to be involved in our community, and to partner with other organizations that are doing a great job of meeting the needs of others.  Below are the local organizations we partner with to help in making our community better.

Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful

Care Net Pregnancy and Family Services

Gig Harbor Peninsula Fish Food Bank

Love In The Name of Christ Pierce County

City of Gig Harbor - Parks Appreciation Day

How Harbor Life is Reaching Outside our Reach

It is the love of Jesus that compels us to look upon the suffering and injustice in the world with compassion and to ask, "How can we get involved?" and "How can we help alleviate human suffering?"  In response to these questions we have decided to get involved by supporting missionary work in other countries, through child sponsorship with Compassion International, and by providing clean water.  Below are pictures from a clean water project where we were able to provide clean water for a whole village in Ghana, Africa.  Think about the difference this made in this small village.  The ramifications are huge. This is why having a global perspective matters.     


Did You KNOW?

Harbor Life financially supports 15 missionaries on a monthly basis.  The missionaries we support are in Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia.  

Of the 65,398,796 people who go to an Assembly of God church - 95% are outside of the US.

A new AG church is planted every 39 minutes.  

The estimated number of people who are not yet following Jesus, 5,916,200,000 people worldwide.  

1 in 8 people worldwide do not have access to clean water.  

Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water related illness.  

Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water.